Deep tissue massage
The deep tissue massage concentrates on the deep layers of muscles and fascia.Relieves the pain and the stress.
The massage is performed with as much pressure as the client allows.It is performed by a physiotherapist.
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 Aroma massage
This is our irresistible offer of the month.Temptation for your senses,massage with bio-natural almond oil +aroma composition.
The journey will take you to a world of pleasures from the delicate touch of your senses to the aroma and the relaxing movements of our therapists.
And not less important ,by regenerating your skin with the almond oil,your skin will preserve much longer a chocolate tan which you will have gained from your vacation.

 Orenda massage

Includes relax massage for the whole body +feet+hands and head.

 Relax massage

With a relaxation massage,relaxing you is the only aim.For this reason it is one of the most complete and indulgent massages you can have.
Relax massage is a full body treatment involving soft music,soft lighting and aromatherapy oils.

Deep massage 60min.

Aurveda massage for women  ~75min.

 Massages for two 60min.

(advance bookings)

Back massage 40min.

Relax massage 60min.

Orenda massage 90min.

whole body + feet, palm &  scalp

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  • Back massage                          40 min. - 21 €
  • Deep massage                          60 min.-  36 € 
  • Relax massage                          60 min. - 31 €
  • Healthy massage                      60 min. - 36 €
  • Detox massage with HONEY   30 min. - 21 €


  • Orenda massage                       90min. - 46 €


  • Anti cellulite massage               40min. - 16 €


  • Aurveda women massages       75min. - 26 €


  • Massages for two                      60 min. - 72 €